Mental Health Counseling for Our Communities

Your Mental Health is A Priority

“There shouldn’t be a price on healthcare, especially mental health care”

-Pierre, Queering Psych

Our Services

Individual Counseling

One-on-one systemic oppression-aware, client-centered, and trauma-focused somatic therapy sessions with goal setting and weekly homework to support clients in their work towards change and growth. Treatment also comes from a narrative, systems theory-oriented, and, at times, solution-focused perspective.

Relationship counseling

Counseling for people in any and all kinds of relationships (monogamous and non-monogamous romantic relationships, platonic, familial, communal, professional, etc) who want to work on their connection and communication. Sessions include somatic work to help people connect with their bodies and emotions and to create safety and connection within themselves and their relationship. Sessions are also solution-focused and goal-oriented in order to improve communication, develop awareness and understanding, maintain and respect boundaries, and collaborate to solve problems.

Short term individual counseling

6 months or about 12 sessions of counseling for specific short term issues like life transitions (new job, starting college, recent move, etc) or uncomplicated grief, processing a decision that needs to be made, etc. Feel free to ask how many limited short term slots are available and ask if short term counseling is appropriate for you during the free 15-minute consultation.

EMDR Sessions

Pierre is an EMDR-trained therapist and is offering free sessions at this practice. EMDR is neuro-somatic (brain & body) therapy where the therapist prepares and supports the client in using their own brain’s natural healing system to process and heal traumas in their recent and not so recent past, desensitize present triggers, and prepare for the future. More information on EMDR is available on the international website. Emdria Org