Mental Health Counseling for Our Communities

Mental Health Counseling for Our Communities, PLLC.


Mental Health Counseling for Our Community

MHC4OC, as a private practice, is Pro-Black, Pro-LGBTQAI,
Pro-Sex worker, and Pro-Palestine.

Our Mission

The mission of Mental Health Counseling for Our Communities, PLLC (MHC4OC) is to provide free psychotherapy to Black people. Starting in New York, Georgia, and Florida. Pierre then plans to expand his practice to other states, etc. as he acquires more therapy licenses and hires staff in the coming years.

Our Vision

MHC4OC is community and home-based. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the goal was to be able to provide mental health services wherever clients were most comfortable – in their homes, in rented private office spaces, etc. Pierre understood that a potentially better fitted treatment would not necessarily be possible in traditional office settings for many people. For now, sessions are 100% virtual with the opportunity for more diverse counseling options once the pandemic is fully under control.

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100% Virtual 

Book an appointment from the
comfort of your home.

Support The Mission

If you wish to support the work we’re doing and help more Black people have access to free therapy, you can do so by donating to this community-based private practice.