Mental Health Counseling for Our Communities


Have any questions? Maybe we’ve already answered them,
here’s our FAQS

Is it really free?

Yes. Literally. For real, for real. If you are a client, you do not pay for sessions. At MHC4OC, session and administrative costs are covered by donations from community members and others who want to help Black people access quality, culturally competent therapy for free in New York, Georgia, and Florida.

Who are the services for?

Black people across the African diaspora who live where staff (Pierre) is currently licensed and/or authorized to practice (New York, Georgia, and Florida at this time).

Who can donate? And how?

Anyone and everyone who wants to support Black people getting free therapy in New York, Georgia, and Florida at this time. Check out the donation page for more information!

Do you have a physical location?

No. All sessions are virtual at this time. And in the far future, the practice will include mobile services where the therapist(s) travel to people’s homes and/or rent hourly office spaces. MHC4OC will always be a mobile private practice.

Do you provide virtual services/tele-counseling?


When will in-person services be provided?

When there is sufficient and effective systemic supports in terms of public ventilation, air filtration, etc that allow for safer in-person services.

Are you currently accepting new clients?

Not at this time. I am currently raising more money to be able to expand my caseload. Check the Donation Page for more information on how to support this community practice.

If you are not accepting new clients: Is there a waitlist?

Yes! There is a waitlist link on the Contact Page.

Do you offer free consultations and how do I schedule one?

Yes. Pierre offers free 15-20 minute consultations. You can sign up on the waitlist in order to receive a consultation on the Contact page.

Will I be automatically diagnosed if I become a client of MHC4OC?

No. At MHC4OC, we are not married to diagnoses and think all of that *can* get in the way of treatment and working with the clients as people. People have symptoms and experiences and they need assistance managing their own lives & finding their freedom in an oppressive world. Pierre works collaboratively with clients to determine whether a diagnosis is helpful, which label applies to them, and how diagnosis can be used as a tool for their growth.

How long are the sessions usually?

Individual counseling sessions are 45 minutes long. Individual EMDR sessions and relationship/family sessions are 60 minutes long.

How often am I expected to have therapy sessions every month?

All clients have the opportunity to be seen 2x a month (every other week) for free.

Where are you on social media?

MHC4OC can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok (@mhc4oc).

What is the best way of contacting you to schedule a consultation?

Fill out the waitlist form on the Contact page.